Tips Before You Repair Your Corrupted Windows

If your windows is corrupted and not functioning properly. How to fix your Windows and get your computer working as it should?

Although not want to something bad happen, but we must recognize that something bad will eventually happen sooner or later with our Windows System. They depend on the level of problems, some only may need to reboot the system and some more could push to reinstall Windows again. Here are some tips before you try to repair the problem.

Firstly, you need to find out what are the main reasons behind the accident: viruses, worms, missing system files, error log, damaged hard disk, etc. What you need to do some testing to isolate the problem and which components or caused programs before you continue. You may need additional tools to do so. If so, first find a free solution. Internet is the best source for this. For example, if you suspect that some malware caused the collapse, you can find an antivirus free as free AVG or Avira. Panda ActiveScan (Analyzer online) also offers a free instant solution. But of course, if you can’t boot your system completely, then you need a scanner antivirus that can be run in DOS mode.

My second tip is to start Windows in safe mode (in this mode, Windows only loads basic system files, minimizing any potential problems). To do this, restart the computer and press the F8 key and choosing insurance model. If you success to enter this mode Windows, restart Windows and run it under normal configuration. Anyway, in this safe mode, you can also uninstall applications or device drivers if you have recently installed and suspected to be the source of the problem.

When restart the computer and Windows will prompt that file XYZ lost or damaged, you must restart the computer with a Windows boot CD emergency and replace these files. A bootable emergency CD can make by yourself or by another third-party solution for booting the computer and then replace these lost/corrupted files.

When Windows cannot be repaired, you have to reinstall a fresh Windows. Please keep this in your mind that must ensure that their important data is secure. Because the data on the hard disk during the installation will be overwritten. So my suggestion is that all important data to another hard disk backup before performing this operation. Find backup software that can run external Windows.

In Windows Recovery tips, I suggest check software such as UBCD4Windows for recovery purposes. It is free and has a maximum potential to help in the difficult situation in the case of Windows crash. But unfortunately you need at least intermediate knowledge build ready-to-use version of the same.You have almost everything you need to recover your Windows even in a State when it refuses to boot.


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