Safety on the Internet – Some Tips for Beginners

Safety on the Internet:

Thirty years ago, the word computer is used in the narrow circles of senior scholars and played an important role in determining the strategic development and research. But time flies inexorably quickly, and this is now quite indispensable thing, like a computer, is available to any user, and for an adequate price. In this case, before the man opened unexplored area and the sea all kinds of free and not information, products, etc., which are not always verified and secure. As a result, many people, in their inexperience or irresponsibility are the real threat. And if their physical health can not prevent anything, the mental attitude can significantly fall. And it’s not zombiing or hypnosis – it sad that in their stupidity they “admitted” to the computer malware collectively as viruses. As a result, something is out of order and the money for such a valuable thing wasted.

What to do? How to avoid such an outcome of events and protect yourself and your computer? For advanced users, it is certainly not a problem, because they are perhaps the “burnt” on this and not just by extracting knowledge from such “lessons.” But what a novice? Is there no way out?

You just need to be careful and always analyze the site from which to extract information. If it is empty, and others are not, and from all sides climbs advertising, it is best to leave it at once. And also download the information you need to carefully without opening it without scanning Antivirus. After all, even a small, seemingly innocent’ve found can completely destroy your operating system, so keep that in mind. Of course, to be afraid of everything and load cell is not necessary, it’s the Internet and the free flow of information, but the vigilance (but without fanaticism) can not hurt. In addition, to increase the experience of working at a computer may help cool free computer video tutorials , which will give satisfactory answers to the many questions new users. So, remember – seven times better check, and then open, so you do not regret what was done on the way to a computer repair shop.

Good luck!

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