Microsoft has filed an annual report with the Office of the U.S. Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission, which shows that sales of tablets Surface and Windows 8 will start on October 26.

“The next version of our operating system Windows 8 will be available October 26, 2012. At the same time, we will begin selling the tablet Surface” – the report says.

Previously, Gartner analysts said that Microsoft, releasing Surface  does a disservice to his ODM-partners (original design manufacturer), which are already operating in a competitive market, and Microsoft, are getting their income from work at the software market, constantly making forays into hardware market, which, no doubt, annoying regular players hardware scope. C on the other hand, according to Stan Shih, founder of Acer, the purpose of the new Internet Tablet Microsoft – to show the rest of the producers, which is based on the operating system Windows 8 should be issued equipment. Releasing tablet Surface, the corporation hopes to win a part of device manufacturers focus on itself and Windows 8, as well as companies start releasing Windows8-tablets and compete among themselves, Microsoft quietly leaves the tablet market and will focus on software.

“We need to understand that Microsoft itself is going in the long term to sell their tablets. After the stated purpose will be realized, Microsoft will no longer offer new models Surface “, – says Stan Shih.

According to him, the strategy was conceived as a way of corporation “provoke” device manufacturers to produce tablets Windows 8. 

“The most Microsoft there is no reason to sell the hardware, because it is less profitable, market competition is very high, and experience in this field, the company is not” – said Stan Shih.

 In addition, the head of Acer says that studied in detail the long-term development strategy for Microsoft, and there is nothing that would indicate the importance of hardware products.

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