How to speed up my PC

Your computer is slow If you regularly ask this question, so here are 5 quick and easy solutions to accelerate your PC or laptop, most have problems starting and slow running. If you encounter any problems imaginable, you usually ask How can I speed up my computer?

This is what I used to hear all PC owners who are just frustrated with the performance of slow computer. the task seems daunting, but with these five easy steps, you can speed up your PC to avoid hiring an expensive technician. After reading this, you can finally say, I can speed up my computer all alone!

1. Delete unnecessary programs at start up:

If the software that you will not use, do not hesitate to remove them. Here’s what you should do. In the Control Panel of your computer, click Remove Programs to remove everything you do not really need. 

2. Deleting all files without importance HDD:

Verify all data or information that should be removed, such as cookies. Place your mouse over the Tools menu, then click “Internet Options.” Select General and delete all cookies. 

3. Defragment your hard drive:

It is simple. Place your mouse over the icon Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Simply press and Défragmentateur disk. 

4. Check how many free RAM on your computer:

Several programs work correctly if you have a lot of space in your RAM. Otherwise, avoid opening too many programs simultaneously. The speed of your RAM will definitely increase if you do this. 

5. Cleaning the registry:

There could be errors or virus that affects the way that your Windows is running. Get the best registry cleaning software like (CCleaner)Scan your registry regularly to identify any damaged files or hidden. Voila You no longer need to ask you how to speed up my computer? I hope these 5 tips will help. 

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