How to extend the life of your computer

Many people ask themselves: “Why every time the computer starts to behave not as one might think?” Of itself it follows another more urgent: “What’s all the same to extend the happy life of your electronic assistant?” By the nature of their work, I often have to deal with neglect of home computers and laptops. In this article we look at the key points that will help extend the life of equipment and make it simple and intuitive to use.


First, let’s look at the main causes of failure of the computer:

How to extend the life of your computer

1. Overheating.

Almost all modern computers and laptops become hot during operation. In order to minimize exposure to high temperatures, in most cases, air cooling system with forced circulation. Simply put, the heat is transferred to the radiator, and then, under the action of the air stream generated by the cooler, dissipated in the “atmosphere.” With prolonged use, with air cooler captures finer dust particles, which are deposited on the walls of the radiator. This is the main cause of the deterioration of air circulation and, as a result, overheating. Reaching the critical temperature, there is an automatic power off in order to avoid failure of the electronics. So, if your PC or laptop has become with time off yourself, you should pay attention to the cooling system. The solution in this case is quite simple. If you have a minimum of technical knowledge in the computer device, you will need to remove the radiator to the cooler and make it clean. The preferred way to do this with a vacuum cleaner. If your knowledge is not enough to take care of dismantling and cleaning, then the best choice would be to see a specialist, so as not to exacerbate the problem.

2. Viruses.

With stronger and stronger occurrence of computers in our lives, and firmly entered our lexicon, the term “computer virus”.Let’s see what it is. Computer virus – a kind of software or malicious code, the distinctive feature of which is the ability to reproduce (replicate). In addition, viruses can without the user can perform any arbitrary action, including harmful to the user and / or computer. Even if the author of the virus did not program the harmful effects, the virus can lead to computer crashes due to errors, unaccounted subtleties of interaction with the operating system and other programs. The virus usually occupy some space on the storage media and selected other system resources. Therefore, the virus belongs to malware. Virtually the only way to combat computer viruses is installing antivirus software. We consider this kind of protection by the example of the increasingly popular Free Antivirus Avast. Much to its advantages include: high speed, stability, reputation service files and, more importantly, free of charge in the base configuration. Installation is simple and does not cause problems even for a beginner. Then you need to register for a free antivirus key. After activating your system will be protected against malware attacks.

3. General recommendations:

Often computer that after the purchase, which is called “summer”, eventually begins to get worse and worse to function.What procedures will help restore your computer pristine performance and maintain it?


What is defragmentation? How and why do it? Typically, files are written to a random free hard disk space. So it may happen that the file will be written in parts, that is, become fragmented. When such a file system will spend time searching for different parts, respectively, it will be open for much longer. Defragmentation procedure glues parts of files. Thus the rate of opening increases. To run defrag to go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter. Next in the window, select Analysis. After the analysis of the message of the need to defrag.

Disk Cleanup.

In operation, the operating system creates temporary files that store the intermediate results of the Windows. Over time, these files become so numerous that they occupy a lot of space on the disk. To expedite the work, they are recommended to clean. Run Disk Cleanup, you can right click on the drive, select Properties, in the dialog box to press Disk Cleanup.

Automatic cleaning machine.

In this section, we consider the popular package to clean and optimize your computer CCleaner. This is a free utility that provides users with a powerful and easy-to-use tool to clean and optimize operating systems Windows. The tool is designed to clean potentially unwanted or broken files, temporary Internet files, create a popular browsers or programs, as well as for cleaning invalid extensions of file types. I hope that following these guidelines will help you to make your computer more comfortable. Still, you should never neglect the advice of a specialist.

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