Some of the security tips of working with a computer


security tips of working with a computer:

Today almost everyone knows how to turn on your computer, visit websites, check email, and create documents in Microsoft Word. However, because the use of a computer is very simple, those who do not have specific knowledge in the field of computer security, it is difficult to understand why they should care about the safety of your computer. [Read more...]

Safety on the Internet – Some Tips for Beginners


Safety on the Internet:

Thirty years ago, the word computer is used in the narrow circles of senior scholars and played an important role in determining the strategic development and research. But time flies inexorably quickly, and this is now quite indispensable thing, like a computer, is available to any user, and for an adequate price. In this case, before the man opened unexplored area and the sea all kinds of free and not information, products, etc., which are not always verified and secure. [Read more...]

7 Tips How to improve the security of Windows 7


How to improve the security of Windows 7 :

This Information will be useful for any system administrator or home users who want to urgently protect the work of your computer to make the most installed applications did not cause too many problems. [Read more...]

How To Secure A Wi-Fi From Other People (especially from Hackers)


How To Secure A Wi-Fi From Other People:

In this way, people will not be able to access or use your Internet bandwidth connection or its download limit up.

The reason that we secure a wireless network must cease to use the services of our network of people who do not have permission to use the. It is more difficult to secure a wireless network from hackers, [Read more...]

Top 5 Best “Free” Antivirus/Anti-Spyware For Windows Users


Free Antivirus/Anti-Spyware For Windows Users:

If you are a Windows user, must install a software anti-virus and anti-spyware on your system. All installed software, games, themes and other things from various sources such as downloaded from Internet, CD/DVD, USB drives, etc. and if the downloaded file is infected, can also install a virus or spyware in our system as a bonus. [Read more...]